Taian Fengli Machinery Co., Ltd.(FENGLI) is a professional forging machinery maker. FENGLI has import & export licences, and also has obtained certification of ISO9001:2000.
                                                      FENGLI makes machines, include press brakes, shearers, bend rolls, straighteners, edge folding machines, punches, combined punching & shearing machines, cut to length & slitting lines and cut to length & forming lines. There are 10 series and more than 200 types products. FENGLI also has the ability to design and made very large or nonstandard machines for customs special demand.
                                                        FENGLI’s products have been sold in China , France, Vietnam, Brazil, Chile, South Africa and some other countries. FENGLI is willing to make all its efforts to fully satisfy all the customers!

                                                      Copyright 2006-2008 Taian Fengli Machinery Co., Ltd.   Tel:+86-538-6513909  E-mail:fljxgs@163.com

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