Debut album "Home" from Bearers, a musical expression of worship by the youth of The Salvation Army. Combining high energy synths with catchy pop melodies, Bearers is about raising the standard of Jesus Christ and discovering our identity in Him.




1. "To the End of the Age" (4:12)

2. "Over and Again (Boundless)" (3:47)

3. "A Call to Love" (3:52)

4. "Gravity" (3:50)

5. "I'll Be There to Catch You" (5:07)

6. "What a God" (5:06)

7. "El Roi, The God Who Sees" (5:34)

8. "Prodigal Pride" (5:22)

9. "Home" (4:26)

Home (Full Digital Album)

    • Full "Home" digital album, MP3 (320 kbs)
    • Lyric sheets
    • Album credits

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